A walk with our agronomist immersed in our organic vineyards: we tell you about the 2021 vine season!

In our organic vineyards we never stop! Our passion for the countryside increases with the passing of time and the attention towards our vineyards is fully: we purpose you a virtual walk in our organic vineyards accompanied by our agronomist to tell you about the 2021 vine season.


“At the end of March we ended the pruning operations, thanks to those we are able to manage the number of each plant’s shoots and consequently to guarantee a high quality in the grapes production. After the pouring, it was the time to naturally remove the infesting plants through the tilling operations, using a machinery that moves the soil around the vine stump and eradicates the infesting herbs leaving the trunk of the vine undamaged. Once this operation was concluded, we fertilized the soil and the vines with an organic fertilizer”.

This vintage immediately tested the job of our team and the health of our plants just as that of all the plants of the Italian Peninsula. More generally, in Italy, after a winter season classified as the second hotter one since 1800 at climatologic level, the spring sprung with a higher temperature of 2.03 degrees than the average. This facilitated the awakening of the nature with move up of the seasonal first fruits that unfortunately endured a serious damage because of the sudden frost in the first half of April.

“The frost, happened in the Pizzolato estate during the 6th – 7th April, hit part of the organic vineyards, above all some rows of the Glera variety. In May the weather was very rainy and the consequence was an high amount of water in the soil. Therefore, it was a month that impeded a normal vine blossoming that usually happed around the 25th – 27th May and which was postponed until the 5th – 7th June. However, the season is expected to be a good one since it is esteemed to recover the productive quantity with the grapes germinated after the frost. In the middle of June, the season is 12/15 days late compared to the previous years and to this day the most premature varieties have a fruit dimension like a pepper grain. During these days we attended a real accomplishment of the vegetation that is recovering the lost time, developing in these last weeks quicker that the expected”.

Beyond the damages experienced by some Glera varieties, we can state with relief that the PIWI varieties, just as the Cabernet and all the red grape varieties were not subject to any damage caused by the weather and they are healthy, vigorous and with a luxuriant vegetation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   At the moment we are carrying out a particular and extraordinary agronomic activity, the defoliation, that allows the grains to better exposed to the solar light, favouring a quicker maturation of the fruit.

The harvest period is expected 10 days late compared to the previous seasons, but we believe we can recover some days since according to the esteems the season will proceed with regularity and without variations.