A TRIBUTE TO THE GREEN THINKING: the social PIWI campaign spreading a universal message is now online!

New perfumes and tastes of PIWI wines: to drink good wines in a conscious way benefits the environment

PIWI, acronym of Pilzwiderstandfähig, are vine varieties resulting from the crossing between the European vitis vinifera and the America vine which is characterized by a marked resistance to the fungus diseases that typically hit the vines, such as late blight and powdery mildew. This allows the producer to reduce the treatments in the vineyards up to a maximum of 2-4 per year and the consequence is a benefit both for people and environment health.

In the production of organic PIWI, the reduced necessity of treatments allows to save resources, energy and CO2 emissions, in the practices in the vineyards. The consequent result is a reduction in the use of machineries and fuel in the countryside. Moreover, these varieties allow also a saving in the use of water.

And exactly for this reason, having always been very sensitive and careful about these themes, we decided to spread a message of environmental sustainability and attention and respect towards nature and people…A REAL TRIBUTE TO THE GREEN THINKING!

We realized a social campaign, which is online on our social channels, writing directly on the skin some messages linked to the awareness on the main environmental themes that are currently worrying “our home” as never before.

We wanted our “green messages” to be impressed as real tattoos, stimulating in people the consciousness of the importance of a more sustainable everyday life approach. Indeed the little choices and actions, people daily carry out, are those making the difference, and also going for an organic and sustainable wine is a step towards a healthier and cleaner world. We invite you to visit our Instagram profile and leave your personal green message…the more the merrier!
We want also to remind you that at the end of October you can taste the vintage 2021 of our Novello, a blend of resistant varieties, namely Merlot Khorus, Carnet Cortis and Prior N with no added sulfites.

The peculiarity of this wine, obtained through the carbonic maceration method which favours the pigments migration from the skin to the pulp enhancing perfumes and the softness, is the fact that can be sold from the 30th October to the 31st December of the same year of the vinification. A wine characterized by an intense red colour and violet reflections, an harmonic and velvety taste and pansy and blackberry scents.

Stay tuned!