A Trendy organic world: a new outfit for our So Easy line!

The vinitaly 2019 edition was the catwalk of excellence of the new “spring-summer” collection of the So Easy line, revisited in the packaging and in the offer of wines compared to the first launch in 2014.

Look the promotional video: #bewithPizzolatoWine  

A floral motif in a colored painting, the Lotus flower that, like a kimono, wraps the bottle making it unique and recognizable.

4 wines to choose for 4 and more occasions like 4 different clothes: the “rebel” black leather jacket, the “naif” green sock, the “minimal” white sheath dress, the “glamor” pink detail, tell without speaking, a bit of the our personality in which you can recognize yourself.
A single denominator for all: the organic quality that becomes absolutely fashionable in this new line.
Proposing a restyling of the 2014 wines would have been enough but the tastes change, continually elvolve and wine consumers are curious and attentive to the new proposals. For this reason, 2 classic wines catwalks have been paraded, a MOSCATO SPUMANTE DOLCE and a SPUMANTE ROSE ‘extra dry to finish with 2 novelties: SPUMANTE PINOT GRIGIO EXTRA BRUT and a PROSECCO SPUMANTE ICE demi sec. Were we able to amaze you?


So, let’s see them:





The Organic Rosé Sparkling Wine, already existing in the “So Easy” line, due to its nature and its characteristics, gives a nod to younger consumers. Leading wine, with its inebriating pink, for those who want to be noticed even with just a detail. Fashion addicted … Are you speaking with me?!

An extra dry sparkling wine with a soft pink color, an excellent protagonist of the glamorous party, its delicate structure characterized by a good flavor and smoothness accompanies aperitifs, brunch with fresh fruit, hot and cold appetizers.







The organic sweet Moscato Sparkling Wine of the “So Easy” line represents one of the trendiest products already existing in the range.
With a very low alcohol content, only 6.5% vol, it is a sweet sparkling wine with a fine and delicate bubble. A pleasant and well balanced acidity with the right sweetness.
The bottle was covered with a sleeve with a floral pattern and communicates its strong personality right from the first glance. A leather jacket for those who are rock and VERY ROCK!
Distributed in America, Holland, Germany, Austria, France and thanks to the new look now in the shop windows of Hong Kong and soon in Taiwan!







Pinot Grigio delle Venezie Organic Sparkling Wine is the new entry in the So Easy line. An extra brut interpretation with a pure and instinctive taste, a bottle wrapped in the magic of sparkling colors, full of originality. A little naive … or outside the usual tastes.

Ideal for drinking “a good glass of wine” without a specific reason. A super demanded bottle during important appointments in the world of wine such as ProWein and Vinitaly and which is ready to meet an international audience just like these … just like a real STAR!





Organic Prosecco Ice Sparkling Wine is a new entry in the “So Easy” line, wrapped in White, the “non-color” color that becomes a must-have for summer 2019. A minimal but extremely elegant look that will refresh the warm evenings summer. And to astonish guests, we recommend serving it on an iced glass (that’s why the ICE appellation) at a temperature of 3-4 ° C. Even better with strawberries!


Rodelli S.






Waiting for your summer pictures: #bewithPizzolatoWine

Bottles available on line or in our Wine Shop in Villorba (Treviso-Italy).