“A Taste of Team”: Here we are, this is the Pizzolato staff…Nice to meet you!

A new column created to collect mini-interviews addressed to all our staff: a way to introduce ourselves and to be able to show you who is behind each of our beloved bottles of wine! Enjoy the reading!

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June 2020: it has been 4 years since we have inaugurated our new organic winery, we have interviewed the cornerstones of the Pizzolato family: Settimo and Sabrina.

1. How many years have you been part of Pizzolato Team and what role do you play in the company?

SETTIMO: I have supported my father in running the family business since 1981, together with my choice to run it organically, today I am the General Manager of the winery.

SABRINA: I have been working in the winery since 1999 and I am the Export Manager.

2. What does your job consist of?

SETTIMO: I like to define myself as an “agricultural entrepreneur”: I am the Legal Representative of Cantina Pizzolato SRL and the owner of the farm. I deal with internal management and I represent the company in all relations with our stakeholders. My favorite part of the day is when I personally take care of the vineyards and of the relation with grape suppliers by taking all the delicate decisions concerning the care of the vine.

SABRINA: I mainly deal with product development in continuous comparison with my customers and the markets, which I am lucky enough to visit regularly. Moreover, I support Settimo in the general management of the winery.

3. If you could change role in the winery for a day, which one you would like to perform?

SETTIMO: I played different roles during my experience in the company, but what I would always like to do is take care of the vineyards.

SABRINA:  I know that one day would not be enough considering all the daily tasks, but I would like to be an oenologist involved in the management of the grape harvest from the cellar to the finished bottle, deeply understanding how important the quality of the raw material is and how much the expert hand of an oenologist weighs in the success of a wine.

4. Which are your hobbies and passions?

SETTIMO: my greatest passion is the care of the vineyards. I follow the entire production processes, adapting the choices according to the climate conditions of each vintage is always a different but very motivating challenge. I also like to relax with long horse rides and I also enjoy very much following my favorite sport, football.

SABRINA: surely, my greatest passion is my job from which a thousand more arise. My job allows me to travel and discover cultures and societies different from mine. It makes me feel like a citizen of the world. Also being mother of Edoardo, our little boy makes my “free-time” full of happiness. Since we have Edoardo in our lives, the world became even a more special place.

5. Which wine from the Pizzolato portfolio would you be? What will you pair it with?

SETTIMO: certainly, as perhaps many of you know, Barbarossa is “my wine”. A 100% Raboso Malanotte DOCG, which label literally represents my face. Our Barbarossa is a sincere, austere wine, with a great structure but also capable of being elegant, that speaks the same language as I do. We both talk about nature, about respect and love for our land.
In my opinion, it is an excellent companion of a Tuscan cigar, while spending some nice conversation time with friends.

SABRINA: I would certainly be our Sparking Prosecco DOC Brut. When I have an idea, I’d like to realize it immediately and this wine with its immediacy, versatility and freshness is the wine that perfectly matches my concept of IDEA. I consider food pairing as a game where there are no rules and nobody wins. So free ride for your imagination…

6. The new winery has been inaugurated 4 years ago. What is the best memory you have of that day?

SETTIMO: two days of inauguration that I will never forget. There are many memories of those days: what struck me most are the emotions of my son and my daughter during the cutting of the ribbon, Sabrina’s hug and the truly warm closeness of all the people who were present and ready to celebrate such a great goal. The friendliness and enthusiasm of those days will surely remain within me forever.

SABRINA: the memory that I will always carry in my heart and that when I think about it really makes my heart smiling were Settimo’s eyes. They were full of authentic joy, total and purest happiness, for being able to achieve a dream together.

7. Which is your favorite motto?

SETTIMO: absolutely “Optimism is a form of courage that gives confidence to others and leads to success.”

SABRINA: it is clearly visible from my desk, I read it every day in our little square visible from our offices and to whom arrive at our winery: “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

8. What is your dream for the company future?

SETTIMO: I dream of a dynamic future full of new projects!

SABRINA: the recipe is to live the present with intense energy; the future will certainly be above all our expectations!

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Today we introduce you to Stefania Pizzolato, daughter of Settimo Pizzolato and administrative employee of the company! Here’s what she tells us about herself …

1.What role do you play in the company and how many years have you been part of the Pizzolato team ?

I have been working in the family business for a year and a half. From the first moment, I wanted to know the business reality starting from the sector which I believe is the most important for the health of a company: the financial-administrative department.

 2.  What does your job consist of?

At the moment I mainly deal with supplier accounting, alongside my father mainly in the management of grape suppliers that we follow at the forefront. However, my working day includes other activities, like checking and confirming offers and quotes, recording the corresponding invoices, managing payment deadlines and cash accounts. 

3. If you could change roles in the winery for a day, which one would you like to take on?

During my student years I always thought I had clear ideas: in my future I would have liked to dedicate myself to the sale of my family’s wines in the world, illustrating their history, traditions and innovations. To date, if I could change my role, I would rather travel to promote the quality of our wines.     

4. Hobbies and passions of your life??

My greatest passion is horses, to which I dedicate at least two hours every day for training and care. This passion was a legacy given by my father Settimo, who is also very fond of these animals. Inside our estate I have a small stable where I can host my three horses. In the field of horse riding my sport specialty is, in fact, the Horse Show for which I constantly train to give my best in the competitions. 

 5. If you were a wine, what Pizzolato wine would you be? And if you were a dish and wine pairing what would you invent?

If I were a wine I would like to be Raboso; I am very tied to traditions and I am very determined, but I also know how to be sensitive and available, a bit like the soft note of Raboso due to its maturation in wooden barrels.  As a pairing I would opt for HO’OPA and sushi. Another aspect of my character is to be curious, which allows me to always try and know new, innovative things.   

 6. What makes you proud to be part of the Pizzolato Winery team?

We are a young, sparkling, never-ending group, constantly coordinated by the company’s main elements who, with their experience of life and work, lead us in the right direction without ever losing sight of traditions and objectives. 

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Stay Tuned for the next one!