“Villorba Calcio” Female Team: finally we are in Serie C league!

We are proud to support Villorba Calcio Female Team, that starting from next season will play in Serie C league!

Passion, sacrifice and love for the game are the values that our Winery and Villorba Calcio have been sharing for a long time, a friendship and a mutual support dating back to the 2007/2008 season, when Settimo Pizzolato became the president of the football team.

Villorba Calcio is an excellence of the territory. It counts more than 350 players and 15 active teams: from the Piccoli Amici 2012-2013 to the first teams, the football club is a local point of reference for children, youngs and adults, a real educational and aggregation centre.” – Settimo Pizzolato

It is with pride that we will keep supporting Villorba Calcio even this year that has been a particular noteworthy season: the Female Team, at its sixth year of activity, won the promotion to the SERIE C LEAGUE!
The Team counts 30 players, 1 professional coach, 1 assistant coach, 1 athletic trainer, 1 masseur, all of it supported by the super president Sabrina Rodelli, as well as Export Manager of La Cantina Pizzolato.

“The girls are talented and, thanks to their hard work and to the constant training of the last season, they were able to achieve this prestigious promotion: this is not an end point but a starting point. We will do our best this year too, working hard and letting us know to others as the team with firm principles that we actually are.” – Sabrina Rodelli.

The girls are ready to face this new season that will bring – along with opportunities – responsabilities too. In this regard, the captain of the Villorba Calcio Female Team says:

“The emotions that the winning of the Serie C league brought are still present in our hearts. We are ready to face with strength and perseverance this new challenge. We will do our best in order for this to be the beginning of many sport and personal satifactions that will come along with it.”