Back to basic, the new line to celebrate our 40 years of organic farming. A sustainable project involving the whole production chain.

We put togheter all our corporate values in a new line minimizing the environmental impact.

The Back to Basic poject

Respect towards the environment, sustainable development, social responsibility and sharing of the commitments with the suppliers: these are the core values that allowed us to develop a new line minimizing the impact of the wine production chain towards the environment:

BACK TO BASIC is a project intentionally born during our 40th anniversary of organic farming embracing the concept of “basic” intended as celebration of the main identifying value of our company.

That of the 40 years – explains Settimo Pizzolato, owner of the winery – is a goal we are very proud of. Organic means to believe we are part of a bigger equilibrium, it is a choice of life, a commitment we want to be inspirational to every aspect of the Pizzolato production chain. Based on this conviction, we felt the necessity to fulfil a line not only talking about organic wine, but also involving all the stakeholders revolving about the development of a bottle”.

The BACK TO BASIC line goes beyond the organic farming, it involves the whole packaging supply chain and it is made of five eco elements, with a low environmental impact:
• Firstly, the WINE whose organic and vegan certified grapes come from the vineyards of the family-run farm. To this line are dedicated about 15 hectares where five selected grape varieties are cultivated: Pinot Grigio, Raboso Piave, Pinot Nero, Manzoni Bianco and Chardonnay;

• The GLASS, starting from the idea patented by ESTAL and produced by Vetri Speciali, the glassmaker of Treviso, it is based on the use of highly innovative materials. It is about the Wild Glass, whose blend is made of the 94% of recycled glass. This glass is 100% PCR (post consumer recycled) certified and allows a production with an extremely reduced ecological impact. The sustainable key element adds up to the high level of customization this material allows. In the case of the BACK TO BASIC LINE we wanted to highlight the uniqueness and the imperfection of the recycled glass through a texture having a vintage effect (BACK). The result is a consistent and unique design capable of turning the flaw into a sign of inestimable value.

• The CORK, is the Amorim Cork Twin Top Evo, with an ecological and 100% sustainable, natural, renewable and recyclable material, which allows to compensate a C02 level of 297 grams.

• The LABEL, realized in collaboration with UPM BIOFORE paper factory, San Faustino Label printing press and the coordination of O’nice Design graphic studio, is made of 100% recycled Sabrage paper, it does not contain plastic or other materials of non-natural origin and it is obtained by the scarps of the cotton industry. The label occupies, on the bottle, the least space possible and it is a unique snug piece in order to reduce the glue impact. In addition, the debossing technique minimizes the use of ink, whose colour is engraved through a offset manufacturing, which is the least impactful.

• In the end, the BOX is made of 79% recycled paper and it is printed in a minimal percentage and using inks with a low environmental impact.

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Digital Vernissage: Back to Basic webinar

On 11th May at 10.30 am we arranged a digital webinar to display in preview the new wine line. Beyond Pizzolato’s team, also all the supplier involved in the production chain participated to the event, embracing and supporting the project from the beginning. Therefore, we want to thank:

  • Stefano Torregrossa, Art Director of O’nice Design
  • Dario Santilli, Packaging Solutions Manager of UPM BIOFORE paper factory
  • Adriano Ioli, Sales Manager of SanFaustino Label
  • Gerard Albertì, CEO of Estal for the Wild Glass project
  • Piero Pastore, General Manager of Vetri Speciali
  • Carlos Dos Santos, General Manager of Amorim Cork Italia
  • Tiziano Tasca, Technical Department Manager DS Smith

This project – explains Sabrina Rodelli, export manager of La Cantina Pizzolato – 100% represents the evolutionary process we carried out during these years. Years in which we listened to consumers who, always more aware and informed, ask for products giving concrete shape to the principles of environmental sustainability, recycle and reuse of materials and reduce of the environmental impact. As winery we are called to play an important role and we found partners and suppliers who decided to embrace with enthusiasm this production chain project proposing or even specifically realizing their most sustainable product”.