At our winery you can breathe the harvest vibes: the countdown has started and we are waiting for August!

Harvest 2022 is coming. We asked to our agronomist and to Settimo Pizzolato to tell us how the ripening of our vineyards is going.

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Even this year the harvest period is pretty close, and the typical quivering vibrations of this period are already lingering at the winery, positive vibes and many expectations are characterizing these weeks. As every year, we want to present you a brief report about the performance of our vineyards and to better understand how this new 2022 harvest will look like: for this reason, we interviewed Settimo Pizzolato and our agronomist Patrizio Gasparinetti, and some interesting foods for thought have emerged. Let’s read what they told us.

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How has 2022 vintage been from a climatic point of view?

2022 has been a very hot year: no springy frosts and definitely, above average temperatures, characterized some months. Climate change is having a strong impact on the plant vegetative cycle. Especially this year the plants grew much quicker in May, with a subsequent slowdown in the month of June which worsened in July, because of the lack of rain and the high temperatures”.

Which are the conditions of our vineyards? How are the red and white grape varieties going?

The conditions of our vineyards are pretty good thanks to the possibility we have to manage water through drip irrigation systems, above all during these last months of drought. We are conducting this practice with parsimony, just enough in order not to stress the plant. Moreover, this year is characterized by a remarkable anticipation in the ripening cycle for the white varieties, while we are planning to harvest the red varieties just few days earlier than last year”.

How are our Piwi vineyards ripening so far?

The Piwi varieties, whose vines have been planted five years ago, are strong and vigorous plants at full evolutive capacity, now having a remarkable robustness. Our Piwi vineyards are in optimal and healthy conditions. Even in this case, the trend of the current year led to a significant anticipation in the ripening cycle of some varieties, especially the white ones like Bronner and Johanniter, that seem to be very interesting, above all at olfactory level”.

Which organic techniques have been implemented in order to counteract the diseases while conducting the vineyards in an organic way?

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Considering this season was characterized by very few rainfalls, the leafy part of the plant was less subjected to the typical viticulture diseases, and therefore we have been able to cut the number of treatments down, reducing them by 30% compared to last year. Moreover, in the Research & Development field, in addition to the Mi.Di.Fen.Do project, where we experiment natural methods against the Flavescence dorée, we started to use chromotropic traps to control the presence and the evolution of the vine moth and to decide to treat plants only when these insects would have caused serious damage to grapes. Furthermore, the prompt mechanical operations to control the development of infesting plants along the under-vine rows, as well as the topping and defoliation procedures to improve the microclimatic conditions inside the plant’s foliage, counteracted the development of cryptogams diseases (late blight, powdery mildew and botrytis)”.

What are your evaluations over the Glera grapes suitable for producing Prosecco DOC?

Glera production is very good, and we can surely state the harvest will be brought forward: albeit hot days, thanks to the cool coming nights, we are sure that the acidity of the Glera fruits will be preserved. We predict a remarkable equilibrium of the Glera production, which is characterized by 15/20 years old vines through which it is possible to obtain a scented and balanced Prosecco“.

Harvest starting date: what are the previsions?

Due to drought and high temperatures, this harvest has been characterized by a significant anticipation in the grape ripening cycle. For this reason, in 2022, we are planning to move the harvest start forward and to begin on the 20th of August, collecting the Piwi varieties first, followed by white grape varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio”.

The whole Pizzolato Team is ready to begin this Harvest 2022!

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