An educational and informative webinar dedicated to the new Piwi wines!

On May 11, we took with us 12 journalists on the journey to the new era: are you curious to read how it is gone?

In this particular period we have quite changed our calendar of activities in our winery; however, we have not lost our enthusiasm! Indeed, we have decided to shorten the distances by using the digital app to stay in touch with people. Instead of the event and the educational that we had planned to present our new PIWI line of wines, which just entered the market, we organized an informative and educational webinar about the theme of wines from resistant vines.

Here’s what we did with 12 journalists from the food & beverage sector on 11 May in the winery: an all-digital conference with a focus on this new world still to be explored. The new Piwi wines, in fact, come from resistant vines and there are many curiosities, experiments and notions to know in order to understand this road towards a viticulture that we believe to be increasingly sustainable.

During the webinar, Sabrina Rodelli, export manager of the winery, illustrated the Piwi project and explained the reasons why we are taking for this road while our dr. Agronomist Patrizio Gasparinetti has accompanied our interlocutors towards a more targeted study, making them known their history, experiments, studies over the years and varieties known. The aspect of sustainability linked to the project was the focus of the conversations: their particular resistance allows a reduction in treatments that can vary from 66% to 90%.

“Each of these wines represents for us the stage of a journey into a world still unexplored and of which we are experiencing day by day – explains Sabrina Rodelli – the preparation phase was long and accurate but we make our listening attitude our own that every good explorer who is about to know an unknown land must have. Accordingly, we are open to listen and interpret the signals that this journey in the world of PIWI will give us by questioning us and consolidating the results we have achieved until now”.