A wave of freshness to Pizzolato logo!

From today the Pizzolato logo changes its appearance and color: the perfect synergy between modernity and tradition!

Not forgetting our history and our traditions that brought us to reach important goals, we have decided to modernize our company logo, with an overlook to the future. The new image simply represents elegance, character, personality and a new shade of green: the color of nature.

The past reminds the Pizzolato family company roots, which has linked, for five generations, its certified organic wine production to this territory. The family, the house, with its arches reproduced in our logo, recall where we started not to forget where we are going.
The present is full of innovation, modernity, progress, dynamism and energy, characteristics that distinguish Settimo Pizzolato, founder and guide of this winery.
The future is green, sustainable, and with plenty of initiatives and projects driven by the awareness that to bequeath a better world for our children we must make responsible choices TODAY.