1981-2021, 40 years of organic farming. A future-driven story

“The most exciting moment for runners is not when they cross the finish line first. It is the very moment of the decision, when one decides to sprint”.

We feel that this quote truly represents our excitement arising from the special achievement we are celebrating: our 40-year experience in organics, which has taken on a special meaning today more than ever before.

1981-2021. It is thanks to that turning point – Settimo’s final sprint with his father as early as 1981 – that we have been able to reach this goal: celebrating our 40 year’s commitment to organics. Undoubtedly these have been years laden with history: entire chapters that day by day until today have told the story about our company, its people, the choices made, our wines and grape varieties as well as about our research activity and the environment. We want to blow these 40 candles WITH YOU as we get ready for another sprint towards new exciting finish lines!

Settimo Pizzolato and his emotion-infused memories

Tell us about the leap ahead taken with your father that has brought you to reach this important milestone.

“I perfectly remember the days when a conversation with my father marked a new departure for our company. Back in December 1980 my father told me: “I am tired”. He had started to work at a very young age, when he was about 13, and as he was turning 60 he was starting to feel the heavy burden of responsibilities on his shoulders. “I would like you to support me with the management of the farm. I am beginning to lose my energy.” His words hit me like a ton of bricks. Yet, at the same time, they made me proud. The day after I accepted: “Dad, only on condition that we get rid of all the chemicals we have been using so far. I will provide you with a detailed study of the results that an organically-driven chemical-free wine firm can achieve”. – “Today I am grateful that our choice has turned out to be a winning one.”

Looking back, which one would you say is your best memory from these 40 years in organic farming?

“Without any doubt seeing my father’s eyes filled with joy as he saw the first truck that had come to collect the very first 4 pallets storing our certified organic wine, two of which to be shipped to Mr. Sepp Angermeier while the other two were intended for Mr. Gerald Bartke, our two friends and customers with whom I still work today. This was back in 1994″.

Do you have a secret wish?

“After 40 years, I can state without hesitation that I am currently living one of my biggest dreams ever. I always bear in mind that my winery is the result of a teamwork. And I still have many secret wishes. One is being able to welcome as many people as possible at the estate. I wish that the Pizzolato wine bar that we are going to open in the future, together with the existing winery, one day could become “the venues of wine” where our visitors can enjoy a true sustainable experience by TAKING THEIR TIME to fully get to know and enjoy our wines. It takes time to truly appreciate wine, as well as curiosity and dedication.”

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